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Dorismar Sexy Campaign

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At the end of 2004, the Mexican authorities in charge of enforcement, PROFEPA, told us that our campaigns were dramatically reducing the consumption of sea turtle meat in Northwestern Mexico, and now the main threat to turtles was sea turtle egg consumption, so we decided to create a campaign to highlight the problem.

We chose to present a beautiful woman offering a message to men; the main consumers of eggs based on a folkloric but fictitious reputation as aphrodisiacs. The campaign features the woman saying that they do not need to use sea turtle eggs because the idea that those eggs make them more sexually potent is a lie and what is true is that turtles are in grave danger of extinction.

We found Dorismar, an Argentinean model, and a regular guest on two of Latin America’s most popular entertainment shows, El Gordo y La Flaca and Sabado Gigante.

The setting was the beach, because that is where sea turtles lay their eggs, and she is wearing a swimsuit.



The campaign took the “Don’t Eat Sea Turtle Campaign” to new levels of exposure with international audiences of more than 300 million and more than 25 national television and radio news segments, dramatically reducing sea turtle egg consumption in Mexico.

We focused national and international attention on environmental issues in Mexico through reports by the: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Univision, CNN, Associated Press, Televisa, TV-Azteca, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, Christian Science Monitor, Sunday Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union-Tribune, and all major television, radio, and newspaper news outlets in Mexico.

Established new relationships with producers of popular entertainment programs at the Univision and Telemundo television networks that resulted in campaign appearances on Al Rojo Vivo, Aqui y Ahora, El Gordo y la Flaca, Sabado Gigante, and Despierta America.