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To date, WILDCOAST has conserved more than three million acres of coastal wildlands and wildlife habitat. 

In 2012, WILDCOAST tackled an oil spill in Oaxaca, stopped a new development threat to the reserve in Cabo Pulmo, and successfully pressured agencies to fix broken sewage pipes in Tijuana. We also connected children to California's newest MPAs, inspired indegenous communities in Mexico to protect nesting sea turtles from poachers, and conserved thousands of acres of coastal wildlands. 

In 2013, WILDCOAST assumed the rold as the lead agency of the San Diego County Marine Protected Area (MPA) Community Collaborative to improve MPA implementation in the county.

So far in 2014, WILDCOAST has achieved the conservation of 33,271 acres and 36.7 miles of coastline on the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast in Baja California through direct purchases and conservation easements. We also helped to save Cabo Pulmo (for the second time!) from a plotted mega-development project known as Cabo Dorado. 

In 2015, we will to expand our reach throughout California, Baja California, and Oaxaca so we can continue to work with local communities to clean up, restore, and conserve the amazing coastal and marine resources. To read all about our progress in our newsletters, subscribe now.

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