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El Hijo del Santo


El Hijo del Santo

Star of Professional Mexican Wrestling

El Hijo del Santo ("The Son of the Saint") is also one of the most successful stars in the free wrestling sport Lucha Libre. He is the son of the legendary professional wrestler, film actor and Mexican folk hero El Santo. The only one out of El Santo's eleven children to become a professional wrestler, El Hijo has wrestled all over the world and defeated an impressive number of wrestlers with 62 recorded victories.

El Hijo Del Santo is an iconic star of Mexican wrestling, and now, he says, the time has come for his character, to act to preserve our oceans. He is calling on all icons, artists, and role models of the world to unite and become guides leading the way to a sustainable future. 

He has been the spokesperson for WILDCOAST since 2007 and he has a passionate and very successful defender of the oceans and all of its inhabitants. In the Spring of 2014 he helped to preserve Cabo Pulmo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, by helping to defeat plans to build a new city of 400,000 next to this fragile area. Santo has additionally campaigned vigorously to conserve sea turtles, gray whales and promote the creation of Marine Protected Areas in California. 

Thank you Santo!