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Supermodel and Playboy Cover Girl

Dorismar, the celebrity supermodel, Playboy cover girl, Univision and Televisa’s superbabe who is the world's first mermaid for ocean conservation joined WILDCOAST in 2005 with our most successful campaign ever: "My man doesn't need sea turtle eggs".

DORISMAR SEXY CAMPAIGN "My man does not need sea turtle eggs" 

Dorismar took the Don’t Eat Sea Turtle Campaign to new levels of exposure with international audiences of more than 300 million and more than 25 national television and radio news segments, dramatically reducing sea turtle egg consumption in Mexico.

Our celebrity spokes-model Dorismar appeared on one of the most watched shows in the Hispanic world (and I mean globally)—Sabado Gigante, with Don Francisco, the "Johnny Carson" of Latin America. Wearing sexy pajamas and holding a turtle, Dorismar asked men to stop obliterating the species because they think that turtle eggs make them potent. She explained it’s only a myth.
Sabado Gigante has been certified by the 2003 Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest running variety show and reaches a global audience of 
more than 100 million people in 42 countries. 

 In 2006 Dorismar became our mermaid of conservation, and went with WILDCOAST to the Soccer World Cup in Germany to ask millions of soccer fans to defend the ocean, create Marine Protected Areas,  and not to eat sea turtle eggs nor meat.