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Homero Aridjis


Homero Aridjis

Poet, Writer and Diplomat

In 1985 maestro Homero Aridjis  and 99 other renowned artists and intellectuals founded the legendary "Grupo de los Cien", an activist organization based in Mexico which addresses national and international environmental and ethical issues. By 2006 he seemed to be doing all the environmental commentary by himself. 

"In Mexico, there is little understanding of the need to have places which are left wild," Aridjis said. "The prevailing philosophy is that nature has to pay its way and that development and business comes first."

Aridjis has always supported WILDCOAST's work in an active manner.  He is  a real hero, a brave man, never afraid to say what he thinks in front of the TV cameras or write it on his editorial page in Mexican newspaper "Reforma".

Aridjis has published 38 books of poetry and prose, many of them translated into a dozen languages. Aridjis is increasingly renowned as Latin America's leading environmental activist.