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In anticipation of the tourism influx expected in Cuba as a result of the opening of relations with the U.S., WILDCOAST is helping to protect the pristine marine ecosystems and wildlife of the stunningly beautiful and remote Guanahacabibes National Park.

Cuba is home to an expansive network of 253 protected areas that cover approximately 20% of the island nation and a quarter of its marine habitat. These protected areas are home to some of the most well-preserved coastal ecosystems on the planet, including mangroves, sea turtle nesting beaches and coral reefs.

The 98,412-acre Guanahacabibes National Park on Cuba’s western tip is among the country’s most pristine national parks. Guanahacabibes is home to 192 bird species, including 11 endemic and 50 migratory species, as well as 4 species of mangroves, 86 butter ies, 16 amphibians and 35 reptiles. The 39,413-acre coral-reef-fringed marine portion of the park supports 201 species of sh and 701 marine mollusks.

To preserve the amazing marine wildlife of Guanahacabibes,
we will help develop visitor management infrastructure such as interpretive materials and dive boat buoys, facilitate exchanges between park staff in Mexico and Cuba, and educate tourists and U.S. tourism companies on the importance of protecting Cuba’s coastal and marine ecosystems.